Complete Air Brush Make-Up System


complete system includes: compressor and hose, airbrush gun, 5 bottles of airbrush cosmetic, and 1 bottle of airbrush cleaner

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 Part Number Description Price UOM Quantity
D3010/each Airbrush Cosmetic, Light Beige, 1 oz.bottle  ea 
D3015/each Airbrush Cosmetic, Ivory, 1 oz. bottle  ea 
D3020/Each Airbrush Cosmetic, Tan, 1 oz. bottle  ea 
D3025/each Airbrush Cosmetic, Beige, 1 oz. bottle  ea 
D3030/each Airbrush Cosmetic, Medium Beige, 1 oz. bottle  ea 
D3035/each Airbrush Cosmetic, Dark Beige, 1 oz. bottle  ea 
D3040/each Airbrush Cosmetic, Suntan, 1 oz. bottle  ea 
D3045/each Airbrush Cosmetic, Amaretto, 1 oz. bottle  ea 
D3050/each Airbrush Cosmetic, Bronze, 1 oz. bottle  ea 
D3055/each Airbrush Cosmetic, Espresso, 1 oz. bottle  ea 
D3060/each Airbrush Cosmetic, Peach Pink, 1 oz. bottle  ea 
D3065/each Airbrush Cosmetic, Fawn, 1 oz. bottle  ea 
D3070/each Airbrush Cosmetic, Mauve, 1 oz. bottle  ea 
D3075/each Airbrush Cosmetic, Lavender, 1 oz. bottle  ea 
D3080/each Airbrush Cosmetic, Mint, 1 oz. bottle  ea 
D3085/each Airbrush Cosmetic, Yellow, 1 oz. bottle  ea 
D1973/Ea Air Brush Cleaner, 8 oz. bottle  ea 
1972D/Kit Air Brush Make-Up System - Medium to Dark  ea 
1972/Kit Air Brush Make-Up System - Light to Medium  ea 

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