Shirt Jackets - Adult

Leak-Proof Vinyl, Clear or White

made of heavy gauge leak-proof vinyl with heat sealed seams for strength and durability
sizes are cut full for easy slip on
available in either clear or white

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 Part Number Description Price UOM Quantity
SMC150011 Shirt Jacket - Clear - Small  1/Ea 
SMC150012 Shirt Jacket - Clear - Medium  1/Ea 
SMC150013 Shirt Jacket - Clear - Large  1/Ea 
SMC150014 Shirt Jacket - Clear - XL  1/Ea 
SMC150011-12 Shirt Jacket - Clear - Small  1/Dz 
SMC150012-12 Shirt Jacket - Clear - Medium  1/Dz 
SMC150013-12 Shirt Jacket - Clear - Large  1/Dz 
SMC150014-12 Shirt Jacket - Clear - XL  1/Dz 
SMC150021 Shirt Jacket - White - Small  1/Ea 
SMC150022 Shirt Jacket - White - Medium  1/Ea 
smc150023 Shirt Jacket - White - Large  1/Ea 
SMC150024 Shirt Jacket - White - XL  1/Ea 
SMC150021-12 Shirt Jacket - White - Small  1/Dz 
SMC150022-12 Shirt Jacket - White - Medium  1/Dz 
SMC150023-12 Shirt Jacket - White - Large  1/Dz 
SMC150024-12 Shirt Jacket - White - XL  1/Dz 

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