AlternaView Sets, Table & Cot Covers (FS)

take viewing from clinical to comforting
Set includes: Wraparound Skirt, Lined Throw, Pillowcase, Table Top & Cot Straps
Sets fit all Dressing Tables, Embalming Tables & Cots
Skirt available in: Navy, Burgundy, Green, Black, & Cocoa Brown
Throw/Pillows available in all of our Quilted & Tapestry cot covers styles: See Fabric Options
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 Part Number Description Price UOM Quantity
AVHTWLGR/Ea AlternaView, Hometown Welcome, Green Skirt  ea 
AVNVSKSTBRBL AlternaView, Bristol Blue  ea 
AVNVSKST/Ea AlternaView, Hometown Sunset  ea 
AVHTB/Ea AlternaView, Hometown Blue  ea 
AVHTG/Ea AlternaView, Hometown Green  ea 
AVHTH/Ea AlternaView, Hometown Harvest  ea 
AVBB2/Ea AlternaView, Bristol Burgundy  ea 
AVBG1/Ea AlternaView, Bristol Gold  ea 
AVCOSKSTWHCC AlternaView, Whittington Cocoa  ea 
AVWB/Ea AlternaView, Williston Black  ea 
AVWG/Ea AlternaView, Williston Green  ea 
AVWP/Ea AlternaView, Williston Purple  ea 
AVMC/Ea AlternaView, Middleton Cocoa  ea 
AVBLSKSTMDSV AlternaView, Middleton Silver  ea 

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