BioSeal® Containment Kit

Complete isolation and containment of human remains to protect responders and their facilities
No odor, vapor, gas or fluid can escape the pouch
Projected 49-year shelf life eliminates the need to re-purchase materials to maintain preparedness
Provides absolute containment for all infection control environments such as morgue, hospital, mortuary and disaster response areas
Delivers privacy, security and safety for evidentiary items and mass fatality management
Easy to train, learn, and use
Puncture, tear and soil resistant
Contents can be X-rayed without opening the pouch
Pouch can be opened and resealed for inspections
Generates less than 1% residue upon incineration
Can be used as a temporary or permanent burial casket
BIOSEAL CDC Guidelines

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BSP/Ea Kit contains: 1 Roll of BioSeal material ( 100' x 36" ), 1 Thermosealer, 1 Power Inverter DC to AC, 1 Power Extension Cord, 1 Super Rugged Carrying Case, 1 Sealed 12 volt Battery, 1 Battery Charger, 1 Adapter for Auto, Home and Field, 1 Pouch for Investigative Supplies, and 1 Training Video  1/Ea 
BBSBHT Biohazard Warning Tape - 165'  1/Ea 
BBSR150-36 Replacement Roll - 150’ roll (150’ x 36”)  1/Ea 

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