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Specialty Lightbulbs (CC)

3-Way Mogul Base & Inside Reflectors

*** SMC Best Seller! ***
a wide variety of bulbs, including many hard-to-find types
CB100 and CB104: 3-way mogul-base bulbs
CB130 through CB134: tubular bulbs - edison base
CB140 and CB141: flicker-flame bulbs
CB150 through CB170: inside reflector bulbs - edison base, spot or flood light (used in ceiling fixtures)

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 Part Number Description Price UOM Quantity
CB100/Each 100-200-300 Watt w/ red neck  1/Ea 
CB104/Ea 100-200-300 Watt - soft white  1/Ea 
CB104/half dz 100-200-300 Watt - soft white  Per Half Dozen 
CB104/Dz 100-200-300 Watt - soft white  1/Dz 
CB130/Ea 25 Watt - 6" clear bulb  1/Ea 
CB131/Ea 25 Watt - 6" inside-frosted bulb  1/Ea 
CB133/Ea 40 Watt - 6" clear bulb  1/Ea 
CB134/Ea 40 Watt - 6" inside-frosted bulb  1/Ea 
CB140/Ea 3 Watt - 2-3/4" Flame, candelabra base  1/Ea 
CB141/Ea 3 Watt - 3-3/4" Flame, edison base  1/Ea 
CB150 65 Watt BR30 flood-light bulb  1/Ea 
CB151 65 Watt BR30 spot-light bulb  1/Ea 
CB152 75 Watt R30 amber-bulb  1/Ea 
CB153 75 Watt R30 blue-bulb  1/Ea 
CB155 75 Watt R30 green-bulb  1/Ea 
CB156 75 Watt R30 pink-bulb  1/Ea 
CB157 75 Watt R30 red-bulb  1/Ea 
CB159 75 Watt BR40 flood-light bulb  1/Ea 
CB160 100 Watt BR40 flood-light bulb  1/Ea 
CB161 100 Watt BR40 spot-light bulb  1/Ea 
CB162 120 Watt BR40 flood-light bulb  1/Ea 
CB163 120 Watt BR40 spot-light bulb  1/Ea 
CB164 150 Watt R40 amber-bulb  1/Ea 
CB165 150 Watt R40 blue-bulb  1/Ea 
CB167 150 Watt R40 green-bulb  1/Ea 
CB168 150 Watt R40 pink-bulb  1/Ea 
CB169 150 Watt R40 red-bulb  1/Ea 
CB170 150 Watt R40 yellow-bulb  1/Ea 

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