Universal Scalpel Handle for #22,#60 & #70 Blades

Plastic/Ergonomic (Universal Tip for #22, #60, & #70 scalpels)
This unique handle will fit all three sizes (#22,#60, & #70) of scalpel blades common to Anatomical Pathology
Ergonomic handle has comfortable feel and different colors allow for color coding in the gross room, or simply user preference
Standard colors are Blue, Orange, Pink, Yellow and Green
Handle are sold individually or available in Multi-Color Pack (one of each color)

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 Part Number Description Price UOM Quantity
SHM555/Pack Multi-Pack (ORANGE, GREEN, PINK, BLUE and YELLOW)  5/Pack 
SHP000/Ea Pink Handle  Each 
SHY000/Ea Yellow Handle  Each 
SHG000/Ea Green Handle  Each 
SHO000/Ea Orange Handle  Each 
SHB000/Ea Blue Handle  Each 

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