Drug Buster®

Solution starts to dissolve medications and pills on contact
Step 1: Simply place unwanted drugs—pills, liquids, narcotics and transdermal patches—into the bottle. Step 2: Invert and swish the bottle twice. Step 3: After 2 hours, or when full, discard in regular trash—not hazmat - Safe and effective for use on tablets, capsules, creams and more
Excellent way to extend service and support to families who's loved ones used medications
A positive contribution to our environment vs. using the toilet/trash (which is not a recommended and safe means to medication disposal)
64 oz. holds up to 1500 pills, 16 oz. holds up to 300 pills
see SDS
see Proper Use Guide

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 Part Number Description Price UOM Quantity
OTC3200-4 64oz -Treats Approx 1500 pills  4/Cs 
OTC3210-12 16oz -Treats Approx 300 pills  12/Cs 
OTC3200 64oz -Treats Approx 1500 pills  Each 
OTC3210 16oz -Treats Approx 300 pills  Each 

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