Final Embrace Church Truck Drapes

Designed to last years while dressing up a old church truck
Drape features reinforced rubber grommets for Ferno #87 Trucks, FluidBlocker lining, CleanEdge binding for stain resistance and durability
see fabric colors & patterns available

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 Part Number Description Price UOM Quantity
CDLG-RBRNV Truck Drape - Bristol Navy  Each 
CDLG-RBRBG Truck Drape - Bristol Burgundy  Each 
CDLG-RBRGD Truck Drape - Bristol Gold  Each 
CDLG-RAMPW Truck Drape - American Patchwork  Each 
CDLG-RHTBL Truck Drape - Hometown Blue  Each 
CDLG-RKGBK Truck Drape - Kingsley Black  Each 
CDLG-RKGRD Truck Drape - Kingsley Red  Each 
CDLG-RMDCC Truck Drape - Middleton Cocoa  Each 
CDLG-RMDGD Truck Drape - Middleton Gold  Each 
CDLG-RMDRD Truck Drape - Middleton Red  Each 
CDLG-RMDSL Truck Drape - Middleton Silver  Each 
CDLG-RWTCM Truck Drape - Whittington Champagne  Each 
CDLG-RWTCC Truck Drape - Whittington Cocoa  Each 
CDLG-RWTCP Truck Drape - Whittington Copper  Each 
CDLG-RBRCC Truck Drape - Bristol Cocoa  Each 

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