Security Locks (FC)

*** SMC Best Seller! ***
heavy duty, permanent tamper seal
consecutively numbered

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 Part Number Description Price UOM Quantity
H7805/BOX Security Locks 1-3/8"x7/8", red  100/Box 
H7806/box Security Locks 1-3/8"x7/8", yellow  100/Box 
H7807/Box Security Locks 1-3/8"x7/8", green   100/Box 
H7832/Box Security Locks 1-3/8"x7/8", orange  100/Box 
HL-Blue/bag Spring Hinge Security Locks 1-3/8"x7/8", blue  100/bag 
HL-Red/bag Spring Hinge Security Locks 1-3/8"x7/8", red  100/bag 

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