Hearse & Lead Car Magnets

12" magnets for use on metal doors and caskets (will not adhere to fiberglass)
use 1 on left and right side of lead car or hearse or place on top of the casket instead of having the emblem etched or engraved
use double-sided tape to adhere to wood, bronze, or copper caskets

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 Part Number Description Price UOM Quantity
CE HI05-809 Police  Ea 
CE HI05-808 Firefighter  Ea 
CE HI05-807 Great Seal of America  Ea 
CE HI05-801 U.S. Army  Ea 
CE HI05-802 U.S. Navy  Ea 
CE HI05-803 U.S. Air Force  Ea 
CE HI05-804 U.S. Marine Corps  Ea 
CE HI05-806 U.S. Coast Guard  Ea 

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