TyvekŪ Jumpsuits

durable tear resistant TyvekŪ
zipper front closure, surged seams, and shirt-like collar
elastic waist, wrists, and ankles
see TyvekŪ Sizing Chart
see LOWER COST alternative PermaGard Jumpsuits

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 Part Number Description Price UOM Quantity
TY125S-M Tyvek Jumpsuits- M  25/Cs 
TY125S-L Tyvek Jumpsuits- L  25/Cs 
TY125S-XL Tyvek Jumpsuits- XL  25/Cs 
TY125S-2XL Tyvek Jumpsuits- 2XL  25/Cs 
TY125S-3XL Tyvek Jumpsuits- 3XL  25/Cs 
TY125S-4XL Tyvek Jumpsuits- 4XL  25/Cs 
TY125S-5XL Tyvek Jumpsuits- 5XL  25/Cs 

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