CaviCideŽ Disinfectant / Decontaminant Cleaner (SD)

*** SMC Best Seller! ***
kills a broad spectrum of germs including HIV in 3 minutes, TB in 5 minutes
ready-to-use, non-toxic, and non-irritating
satisfies OSHA bloodborne pathogen standards
compatible with most medical device material
Manufacturer?s MSDS

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 Part Number Description Price UOM Quantity
MX1000_/Cs CaviCide-1 gallon refill  4/Cs 
MX1024_/Cs CaviCide-24 oz. spray  12/Cs 
MX1025_/Cs CaviCide-2.5 gallon, 2/case  2/Cs 
MX1000_/Gal CaviCide-1 gallon refill  gal 

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