Junkin Mortuary Cot (ME)

Junkin Cots: Single Person [Standard, Over-Sized, and High Boy]

*** SMC Best Seller! ***
easy, one person loading and unloading; sturdy anodized aluminum tubing will not oxidize, looks new for years
legs automatically lock when unloading with multiple level adjustment for bed to cot transfer
includes two locking swivel wheels, heat-resistant mattress, and two restraint straps
Standard: 78"L x 21"W x 24"H (load height); max load = 600 lbs
Over Sized: 78"L x 25"W x 24"H (load height); max load = 900 lbs
High Boy: 78"L x 21"W x 32.5"H (load height); w/ side arms; max load = 600 lbs
see Junkin Cot Covers: "fuzzy-wuzzy" texture

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 Part Number Description Price UOM Quantity
MC-100A Mortuary Cot - Standard Junkin Cot  1/Ea 
MC-100A-S/Ea Mortuary Cot - High Boy Junkin Cot  1/Ea 
MC-100A-OS Mortuary Cot - Over Sized Junkin Cot  1/Ea 
MC-100A-OSR Mortuary Cot - Over Sized Junkin Cot w/ Side Rails  1/Ea 
MC-100A-Cover-Brown/Ea Mortuary Cot Cover, Brown  1/Ea 
MC-100A-Cover-Green/Ea Mortuary Cot Cover, Green  1/Ea 

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