Odor Interceptor

Odor Absorber - NOT an odor mask
Effective in removing all types of VOCs including but not limited to: formaldehyde, gas fumes, stale closed-up odors, smoke, and noxious organic odor like decomposition
Last from 45-60 days depending on the load of the odor
Compound shrinks as it absorbs the odor so you visibly see life expectancy
Environmentally friendly, Biodegradable & Non-Hazardous
Manufacturer's SDS

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 Part Number Description Price UOM Quantity
ODORINT1/2/Cs 8oz. - 150-200 sq. feet  12/cs 
ODORINT4/CS 4 lb Tub. - 600-800 sq. feet  4/cs 
ODORINT 1/2/Each 8oz. - 150-200 sq. feet  EA 
ODORINT4/Each 4 lb Tub. - 600-800 sq. feet  EA 
ODORINT35/EA 35 LB Pail. - 1800+ sq. feet   EA 

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