Prep Room Signs - Sanitary & Cautions:

Wash Hands, No Smoking, Caution, Use of Cameras Prohibited, & Authorized Personnel Only

peel & stick vinyl signs
sanitary: "notice - wash hands before returning to work" - Blue, Black on White
"caution" - Black on Yellow
"authorized personnel only" - Black on Yellow
"no smoking" and "no smoking, eating or drinking" - Red, Black on White
"use of cameras or video equipment prohibited" - Red, Black on White

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 Part Number Description Price UOM Quantity
SC080624 Caution 7" x 10" black, yellow  ea 
SG-004324 Authorized Personnel Only 7" x 10" yellow  ea 
SAN-3024 Sanitary - Wash Your Hands 5" x 8" blue, white  ea 
SG-486024 No Smoking 10" x 7" red, black, white  ea 
SG-486924 No Smoking, Eating, Drinking 7" x 10"  ea 
CU-291395 The Use of Cameras or Video Equipment is Prohibited red, black, white  ea 

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