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Electrocorp Air Cleaners / Filters (ME)

Efficient cleaning of chemical and organic vapor in closed environments
Filter and carbon combination reduces or eliminates harmful/foul odor
Blue tacky 10 micron pre-filter and a carbon filter wrapped with an electrostatic particle filter, material rated at 99% efficient at 0.1 microns
Castor base included
RSU24CC cleans 250-950 sq. feet based on a 10 ft. ceiling
RSU48CC cleans 500-1800 sq. feet based on a 10 ft. ceiling
Decibels: 70 dB
Easy maintenance of filter and carbon changes
Custom carbon available for specific chemical removal, such as formaldehyde
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 Part Number Description Price UOM Quantity
RSU24CC/Ea 39.5" x 20", 132 lbs., 60 lbs of Carbon  1/Ea 
RSU48CC/Ea 71" x 20", 200 lbs., 120 lbs of Carbon,  1/Ea 
RSU24CC-PRE-FILTER Pre-Filter, 10 Micron, for RSU24CC  6/pack 
RSU48CC-PRE-FILTER Pre-Filter, 10 Micron, for RSU48CC  12/pack 
RSU24-CC-FW HEPA WRAP Micro Filter, .3 Micron for RSU24CC  6/pack 
RSU48-CC-FW HEPA WRAP Micro Filter, .3 Micron for RSU48CC  12/pack 
AM000901-30 Carbon, Bulk 30 lb. RSU24CC requires 60 lbs., RSU48CC requires 120 lbs.  30 lbs/Ea 

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