Tech-Bond Adhesive, Accelerator, Gel, & Debonder (PR)

"The Professional Glue" - specialized adhesive for various applications, unique formulation is superior to the competition
Tech-Bond Deluxe Kit: includes: (1) 1 oz. bottle SI Black, (4) 3 gm. tubes SI Blue, (2) 3 gm. Cranial GEL, (1) 2 oz. Accelerator, (1) 1 oz. Debonder, (1) Glue Squeegee, (1) Spare Cap & Nozzle, Prep room instructions
Tech-Bond Professional Kit: includes: (1) 2 oz. bottle SI Black, (1) 1 oz. bottle SI Blue, (2) 3 gm. tubes SI Blue, (1) 20 gm. Cranial GEL, (2) 3 gm. Cranial GEL, (1) 2 oz. Accelerator, (1) 1 oz. Debonder, (1) Glue Squeegee, (2) spare cap & nozzle, prep room instructions
Tech-Bond Blue: for eyes, lips, and to close small facial incisions, Tech-Bond Black: for large incisions and Y incisions from posted cases, Tech-Bond Accelerator: helps speed the sealing of incisions and reattaching the cranial cap; great for freezing an expression when needed, Tech-Bond Gel: for attaching cranium caps and to fill cracks in bones, Tech-Bond Debonder: debonds adhesive
MSDS: Tech-Bond Blue, Tech-Bond Black, Tech-Bond Accelerator, Tech-Bond GEL, Tech-Bond Debonder

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8891-Deluxe/Kit Tech-Bond Adhesive, Deluxe Prep Room Kit  1/Kit 
8891-Prof/Kit Tech-Bond Adhesive, Professional Prep Room Kit  1/Kit 

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