ThanoSeal® Flesh Incision Tape

2010 NFDA New Product Award Winner
ThanoSeal is the embalmer's tape
eliminates leaks, seals skin slip
seals incisions
Highly aggressive, non-sterile adhesive ensures no slips
Once applied exterior can get wet without compromising seal
Works with incisions, lacerations, abrasions, punctures and skin slip
Replaces traditional liquid sealants, no more waiting for glue to dry
Easy to apply, no additional frame to remove like other products
Saves time, avoids "issues", saves money
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A157314/roll 4" Width, ThanoSeal Flesh Incision Tape, 20' Roll  Roll 
A157307/roll 2" Width, ThanoSeal Flesh Incision Tape, 20' Roll  Roll 

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