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Tissue Forceps

standard or premium grade
4-1/2" to 6" lengths, straight w/ 1 x 2 teeth & Russian

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 Part Number Description Price UOM Quantity
V96-40 Tissue Forceps, Standard, 4-1/2" straight  1/Each 
V96-42 Tissue Forceps, Standard, 5" straight  1/Each 
V96-44 Tissue Forceps, Standard, 5-1/2" straight  1/Each 
V96-46 Tissue Forceps, Standard, 6" straight  1/Each 
V96-142 Tissue Forceps, Standard, 6 straight, Russian  1/Each 
425-165 Tissue Forceps, Premium, 6" straight, Russian  1/Ea 
421-560 Tissue Forceps, Premium, 6" straight  1/Ea 
421-552 Tissue Forceps, Premium, 5-1/2" straight  1/Ea 
M6-42/Ea Tissue Forceps, Premium, 5" straight  1/Ea 
421-453 Tissue Forceps, Premium, 4-1/2 straight  1/Ea 
421-602 Tissue Forceps, Premium, 10" straight  1/Ea 

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