New Products

10% Formalin Label (CD)
3M 9105 VFlex N95 Respirator
AlternaView Sets, Table & Cot Covers (FS)
Antimicrobial Lotion Soap w/ Aloe
Cast Eastern Rite, Interior Crucifix #CECC-2604
Church Truck Drape for Ferno #87
Complete Air Brush Make-Up System
Derma-Glow Liquid Complexion Tint (HB)
Drug Buster®
Duodrape Casket Surround
Evidence Collection & Security Bags
Evidence Envelopes - White
Explorer PF Latex Gloves, 8 mil
Final Embrace Church Truck Drapes
Fingerprint Pads - Porelon
Forceps, Posi-Grip Plastic
Good Earth Series: 885, 886
Granton Edge Slicing Knife
Groove Director
GSR Collection Kit - 4 Stub
Hearse & Lead Car Magnets
Heat Resistive Gloves (CU)
Home in the Forest, 899
Infectious Disease Disaster Bag
Infectious Disease Disaster Bag
Instant Hand Sanitizer w/ Aloe
KC UPC Lab Jacket
Kleengard Ultra Lab Coat
Make-Up Brush Kit (HB)
Make-Up Brushes & Cleaner
Morning Mist Series, 498
Nail Brushes
NeutrOlene, Chemical Neutralizer
Odor Interceptor
Paper Evidence Bags
Phantom Black PF Latex Gloves, 5 mil
Photo Scale - Bureau Reference Scale
PlusGard™ w/ Hood and Boot
Postmortem Fingerprint Cardholder & Inking Tool
Postmortem Fingerprint Record Card Strips
Powder-Free Latex Exam Gloves
Prep Room Signs - Hazards:
Prep Room Signs - Sanitary & Cautions:
Probe (Cardiac) w/ Eye
Protection Kit - CUSTOM Pathogen Version
Protection Kit - CUSTOM Pathogen Version
Protective Shield Wristbands
Regal Rose Series, 7505
Ruler, Photomacrographic Scale, ABFO No. 2 (CD)
Sanisol 7 ® Embalming Spray
Security Locks (FC)
SensiCare PF Nitrile Gloves, 4 mil
Shadow Black Nitrile PF Gloves, 5.5 mil
Sheila Shine Stainless Steel Polish, 10oz
Shipping Envelope, 559
SMC Blue PF Latex HR Gloves, 15 mil
Stone Oil
Swab Protectors
Tech-Bond Adhesive, Accelerator, Gel, & Debonder (PR)
Technical Bulletin
ThanoGlue® Incision Glue
ThanoSeal® Flesh Incision Tape
Torchiere Lamps
Ultimate FX Full Face Respirator
Universal Scalpel Handle for #22,#60 & #70 Blades
VWR Histology Marker (CD)
Walnut Cross with Corpus #CEW0510
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