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    Autopsy Saws and Blade

    BSN Autopsy Saw: Cool operation gives greater user comfort; 16000-18000 RPMs; reduced noise level; Teflon housing cleans easily; 10 foot cord for greater mobility; 11 inches long, 3 lbs 4 oz; Included 2.5? section blade with arbor, wrench, and manual; 1 year limited warranty
    Mortech Saw Blades: 2-1/2" Round and section blades are Mortech's Universal Autopsy Saw Blades
    Saws and blades from M-Pact, and Mopec are also available

    ** Call for Saw Pricing!!

    BSN Autopsy Saw
    SKU: 0295-270
    2-12" Mortech Universal Saw Blades
    SKU: BDA0224-50
    2-1/2" Mortech Universal Saw Blades (With Arbor)
    SKU: BDA0224-51
    Set Screw for Stryker 810
    SKU: 810SS