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    CaviCide® Disinfectant (Decontaminant Cleaner)

    *** SMC Best Seller! ***
    Kills a broad spectrum of germs including HIV in 3 minutes, TB in 5 minutes
    Ready-to-use, non-toxic, and non-irritating
    Satisfies OSHA bloodborne pathogen standards
    Compatible with most medical device material
    Manufacturer's SDS

    1 Gallon - CaviCide Refill (Case of 4)
    SKU: MX1000-4
    1 Gallon CaviCide Refill (Each)
    SKU: MX1000
    24oz CaviCide Spray (Case of 12)
    SKU: MX1024-12
    24oz CaviCide Spray (Each)
    SKU: MX1024
    2.5 Gallon CaviCide (Case of 2)
    SKU: MX1025-2
    2.5 Gallon CaviCide (Each)
    SKU: MX1025