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    Centrifuge (8-Place)

    This 8-place unit accommodates most test tubes from 3ml-15ml
    The unit's wide stance eliminates wobble, suction-cupped feet prevent slipping
    Brushless motor (110V only) is virtually maintenance-free
    Lid port allows easy viewing of specimens while in use
    FIXED: 3,500rpm fixed speed - for blood only
    Auto-off 30-minute timer with bell
    VARIABLE: (blood, urines, etc.)
    Auto-off 30-minute timer with bell
    DIGITAL: 3,500 rpm digital speed and time (blood, urines, etc.)
    Touch pad, programmable: Speed: 500-3,500rpm Time: 1-99mins -
    Stores last four programmed speeds & times - Service Indicator Light

    Centrifuge (Fixed)
    SKU: E8-F
    Centrifuge (Variable)
    SKU: E8-V
    Centrifuge (Touch Digital Screen)
    SKU: E8-T