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    EmPower (Dual Enzymatic Detergent)

    *** SMC Best Seller! ***
    Achieve clean instruments with the brawn of dual-enzymatic detergents. Ideal for instruments with presence of moderate to heavy organic debris
    EmPower is a fresh scented, detergent cleaner containing two protease enzymes that offer the broadest cleaning action on a variety of protein soils
    Inclusion of surfactants provides additional cleaning on carbohydrates, lipid and protein soils
    Works fast to remove blood, tissue, mucous and other protein-rich body fluids from instruments
    Non-corrosive to metals. Features: Dual-enzymatic detergent cleaner - Low-foaming formula is ideal for use in automated machines - Less corrosive than distilled water
    Manufacturer's MSDS

    1 Gallon EmPower (Case of 4)
    SKU: MX4100-4
    1 Gallon EmPower (Each)
    SKU: MX4100