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    Heavy Weight Bag (Envelope Zip)

    36" x 94" Adult disaster bag, 17 mil reinforced vinyl with 6 straps for easy lifting
    Envelope Zip
    Impervious tear-proof bags hold over 300 lbs.
    Available in blue, yellow, red, and black with center or envelope style zippers
    Made in the U.S.A.

    BLUE Envelope Zip (Case of 6)
    SKU: BB-6B-6
    BLUE Envelope Zip (Each)
    SKU: BB-6B
    YELLOW Envelope Zip (Case of 6)
    SKU: BB-6Y-6
    YELLOW Envelope Zip (Each)
    SKU: BB-6Y
    RED Envelope Zip (Case of 6)
    SKU: BB-6R-6
    RED Envelope Zip (Each)
    SKU: BB-6R
    BLACK Envelope Zip (Case of 6)
    SKU: BB-6K-6
    BLACK Envelope Zip (Each)
    SKU: BB-6K