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    Linen, Viscera Bags, Viscera Buckets & Hamper Stands

    Yellow infectious linen bag: 40 Gallon, 1.2 mil, 40"x46"
    Yellow infectious linen bag: 33 Gallon, 1.2 mil, 31"x43"
    Blue soiled linen bag: 33 Gallon, 1 mil, 31"x41"
    Clear Viscera bags: 10 Gallon, 4 mil, 24"x24"
    Red Viscera bucket: 5 Gallon
    Hamper Stand: Durable 1" chrome plated steel stand with vinyl-coated metal rim to reduce bag slippage. Pedal operated for easy hands-free use and white poly coated metal cover for combined safety and durability. 3" Ball-bearing swivel casters, two of which are locking.

    Yellow Infectious Linen Bags 31" x 43" 1.2mil (Case of 100)
    SKU: SMC024042
    Yellow Infectious Linen Bags 40" x 46" 1.2mil (Case of 100)
    SKU: SMC024046
    Blue Soiled Linen Bag 33 Gallon 31" x 41" (Case of 250)
    SKU: 206101
    Rectangular Hamper Stand
    SKU: MDS80529
    Clear Viscera Bags 24" x 24" 4 mil (Box of 50)
    SKU: VB-1
    Clear Viscera Bags 24" x 24" 4 mil (5 box Per Case)
    SKU: VB-1-5
    Red Biohazard Viscera Bucket with Snap Lid
    SKU: WC-22020