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    Liquid Lock "Super" Powder

    For use in openings or breaks in skin where potential leakage may occur
    Forms waterproof gel with body and embalming fluids to prevent or minimize future leakage from incisions, wounds, orifice discharge, etc.
    Eliminates hazardous vapors from embalming fluids
    Absorbs up to 300 times its weight, each 12 oz. bottle will absorb 32 gallons of liquid
    MLL5-1 Kit: Liquid Lock "Super" Powder Kit includes a 5 gallon pail, 12 oz. bottle, and scoop
    See MSDS for "Super" Powder
    See MSDS for "Super" Powder Fiber Inserts

    12oz Liquid Lock (12 Bottles)
    SKU: MLLB-12
    8oz Liquid Lock "Super" Powder (12 Bottles)
    SKU: MLLB-8
    3" Inserts - Liquid Lock "Super" Powder (Box of 35)
    SKU: MP753-35
    3" Inserts - Liquid Lock "Super" Powder (Box of 75)
    SKU: MP753-75
    1 Gallon Pail - Liquid Lock "Super" Powder
    SKU: MLL1
    5 Gallon Pail - Liquid Lock Kit
    SKU: MLL5