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    NeutrOlene (Chemical Neutralizer)

    NeutrOlene (chemical neutralizer): removes odor of decomposing human flesh; does not mask or deodorize - it neutralizes the lingering odors; product can be used for first call removals, preparation rooms, transport services, body bags, bio-hazard bags, refrigeration units (including crematories) and more
    NeutrO-Hang (odor counteractant): natural ingredients, powerful, effective deodorizer; cloth mesh bag promotes even distribution of the product; each super-sock provides deodorization for 30-45 days, in an area 1200 square feet. Also available in 3" & 6" Mini-Hang for use in body bags, ship outs, and caskets. 3" & 6" treats 50 and 100 sq feet respectively
    NeutrOZyme (odor eliminator): high enzyme activity breaks down and digests organic waste; eliminates obnoxious odors on contact, replaces odor with a fresh, pleasant fragrance; product can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit; product is non-volatile and non-corrosive
    NeutrOlene Soap (odor neutralizer): removes grease, ink, dirt, and grime
    NeutrOGran (odor neutralizer): eliminates organic, unpleasant odors; product absorbs and eliminates the malodor (or odor); deodorizes the unpleasant scent of embalming compounds
    NeutrOSpray Aerosol (odor neutralizer): can be used in hallways and restrooms set with a time variation
    SDS: NeutrOlene, NeutrO-Hang, NeutrOZyme, NeutrOSoap, NeutrOGran and NeutrOSpray

    32oz NeutrOlene Spray (Case of 6)
    SKU: TR32WFM
    NeutrO-Hang (4 Hangs)
    32oz NeutrOZyme Drain Cleaner (Case of 6)
    SKU: TR32-ZNW
    16oz NeutrOSoap (Case of 12)
    SKU: TR16-SHP
    8lb NeutrOGran Shaker Bottle (Case of 2)
    SKU: TR1ND
    16oz NeutrOlene Spray (Case of 6)
    SKU: TR16-WFM
    3" NeutrO-Hang (Case of 6)
    SKU: Mini-Hang-3
    6" NeutrO-Hang (Case of 6)
    SKU: Mini-Hang-6
    NeutrOSpray Time Mist Dispenser (only fits NeutrOSpray 7oz Aerosol)
    7oz NeutrOSpray Aerosol (Case of 12)