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    PDI® Sani-Hands™ Antimicrobial Hand Wipes

    *** SMC Best Seller! ***
    Sturdy, textured towel saturated with a generous amount of pleasant smelling cleansing solution
    Antimicrobial gel wipes provide the necessary friction to wipe debris and soil
    Contains moisturizing aloe, glycerin, and vitamin E
    Gel-based formula contains 65.9% ethyl alcohol
    P13472 Canister: 135 pre-moistened cloths (6" x 7-1/2")
    D43600 Single packet: 100 pre-moistened cloths (5" x 8")
    Manufacturer's SDS D43600 & P13472

    Sani-Hands ALC (10 Boxes of 100 Packets)
    SKU: D43600-10
    Sani-Hands ALC (Box of 100 Packets)
    SKU: D43600
    Sani-Hands ALC Canister (12 Cans of 135 Wipes)
    SKU: P13472-12
    Sani-Hands ALC Canister (Can of 135 Wipes)
    SKU: P13472