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    Portable Folding Traffic Signs

    Lightweight with built-in carrying handle for easy portability
    Chrome-plated metal legs/rubber tips
    24" high x 10" wide - folds flat when not in use
    Sets of five include free wall bracket for convenient storage
    Your choice of message or blank

    Traffic Guides"Please No Parking Funeral" (Each)
    SKU: CB6401
    Traffic Guides "Please No Parking Funeral" (Set of 5)
    SKU: CB6401-5
    Traffic Guides "Funeral Parking Only" (Each)
    SKU: CB6402
    Traffic Guides "Funeral Parking Only" (Set of 5)
    SKU: CB6402-5
    Traffic Guides "Parking" (Each)
    SKU: CB6407
    Traffic Guides "Parking" (Set of 5)
    SKU: CB6407-5
    Traffic Guides "No Parking" w/Handicap Symb (Each)
    SKU: CB6406
    Traffic Guides "No Parking" w/Handicap Symb (Set of 5)
    SKU: CB6406-5
    Traffic Guides "Blank - No Wording" (Each)
    SKU: CB6408
    Traffic Guides "Blank - No Wording" (Set of 5)
    SKU: CB6408-5