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    Prep Room Signs (Hazards)

    Peel & stick vinyl signs, except: danger - formaldehyde contaminated signs are paper
    Available as "biohazard", "danger - formaldehyde contaminated", and "standard precautions for infection control"

    Biohazard Orange Labels 4" x 4" (Roll of 500)
    SKU: SL-38
    Biohazard Labels 1" x 1" (Roll of 1000)
    SKU: 18-999-930
    Biohazard Infectious Linen 10" x 7"
    SKU: CU-23210
    Biohazard Orange 7" x 10"
    SKU: 18767L
    Biohazard Orange 3.5" x 5" VPO
    SKU: 18766L
    Danger Contaminated Clothing 4" x 7"
    SKU: 9161CC
    Formaldehyde Irritant and Potential Cancer 10" x 14"
    SKU: S1014-D-FIAP
    Danger Flammable Liquids 7"x 10" (Each)
    SKU: SD-260824
    Prep Room Signs Flammable 10.75" x 10.75" Red
    SKU: SDOT-26804
    Danger Flammable 7"x 10" (Each)
    SKU: SD-260424
    Danger Chemical Storage 7"x 10" (Each)
    SKU: D-081124
    Standard Precautions 5.25" x 8" Purple and Yellow