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    Sani-Cloth Plus Germicidal Disposable Cloth

    Alcohol free, quaternary formula is effective against 100+ organisms in 10 minutes, including: HBV, influenza A/Hong Kong (H3N2), Acinetobacter baumannii, Aspergillus niger and Trichophyton mentagrophytes
    Compatible with a broad range of hard, non-porous surfaces and equipment commonly found in healthcare environments
    Meets CDC, OSHA and CMS Tag F441 guidelines.
      Sani-Cloth Plus SDS

    Sani Cloth Plus, 6 x 6.75", 160 wipes/can (Canister of 160 Cloths)
    SKU: Q89072
    Sani Cloth Plus, 6 x 6.75", 160 wipes/can (12 Cans of 160 Wipes)
    SKU: Q89072-12
    Sani Cloth Plus XL (65 Wipes per Can)
    SKU: Q85084
    Sani Cloth Plus XL (6 cans per Case)
    SKU: Q85084-6