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    SMC Specialty External Reinforced Gowns

    *** SMC Best Seller! ***
    Visibly reinforced fabric on chest and sleeves
    Simulates a gown and apron combination
    Cool breathable material
    Velcro neck closure, tie back, and knit cuffs
    Raglan Plus, Ultra-Sonically Sealed Sleeves
    Available in LONG: additional 10" in length

    S/M - SMC Specialty Gown (Case of 60)
    SKU: SMC135-SM-60
    L - SMC Specialty Gown (Case of 60)
    SKU: SMC135-L-60
    XL - SMC Specialty Gown (Case of 60)
    SKU: SMC135-XL-60
    S/M - SMC Specialty Gown (Each)
    SKU: SMC135-SM
    L - SMC Specialty Gown (Each)
    SKU: SMC135-L
    XL - SMC Specialty Gown (Each)
    SKU: SMC135-XL